Monday, 17 June 2013

No Fat Under Skin!

From the Beeb today:
  • Baffled doctors are nothing new to 23-year-old budding Paralympic cyclist Tom Staniford, from Exeter.
    He has an extremely rare condition that means he is unable to store fat under his skin.
    Although he was born a normal weight, he lost all the fat around his face and limbs during his childhood, and yet his body still thinks he is obese, meaning he has type 2 diabetes. His hearing also deteriorated when he was 10 and he has worn hearing aids since.

    Staniford's condition had never been identified - until recently, when a research team set about mapping and analysing his DNA to pinpoint the precise gene mutation responsible.
This reminds me of GCBC where one of the most interesting topics of discussion was how hormones can compel us to eat (think growing teenagers and pregnant women), and how hormones govern the location of fat storage (think lipodystrophy).

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