Friday, 21 June 2013

Fake Outdoors!

As you'll see from 'Ducks In a Row', I advocate 'immersion' in the wild landscape, and this extends to using sounds from nature in place of the usual beeps and blips that constitute alarms and notifications.  Modern electronic sounds can be harsh and aggressive and simply don't have the rounded acoustics of organic sounds.

New Scientist carried a little something in support of this approach in The Fake Outdoors: Nature that isn't real still heals,
  • STAND on the shores of Wembury Bay and let nature heal you. Here on England's south-west coast, the gentle sway of the trees in the ocean breeze will lower your blood pressure, the sound of lapping waves will banish the stress hormones from your blood, and the pine scent will invigorate your immune system.

    On closer inspection, you'll find that something is missing from this scene: namely, all of it. This is no shore. You're in an intensive care unit 325 kilometres inland, in Birmingham. But the illusion will fool your body into healing itself, its creator claims
  I'm looking forward to more research in this area.

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