Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hypertension Fix Pt1

My numbers are getting pretty good - down to 'high normal' (or 'normal' as it used to be called), and often at least one of my readings qualifies as 'athletic'/'low normal'.  I am not sure if these lowered numbers are due to the changes I've implemeted or whether the high readings were episodic and have simply passed.  I believe the former is the case.

Changes to dietary habits
I've turned the paleo-screw to address my HBP (not withstanding supplements), focusing on food quality but still within my broad advice of 'roughly half a plate of meat/fish and half a plate of fresh veg (with added starchy tubers on a training day)'. The paleo-changes are as follows:

  • 1) Reduced coffee consumption. I now have a (fresh coffee once a week at most. This is intended to benefit sleep rather than directly affect BP.
  • 2) Reduce cheese consumption. As with coffee, this is something I enjoy perhaps once a week or fortnight. I could never be sure of the nutritional profile of the cheese I ate, and the salt *may* be of concern, so as I don't prepare it myself, it has pretty much gone from my diet.
I still have the odd bit of sugary stuff - a bit of cake or chocolate once a week should I so desire (the same applies to the tipple of red wine). Principally I continue to eat 'close to the ground'.  Did someone say JERF?

I still eat dairy - but rather than throughout the week in a coffee, I will normally eat a large bowl of porridge on a weekend morning (made with full-fat milk). The weekend is the one time when I will eat breakfast and meet the convention of three meals a day. Otherwise, midweek I generally just stick to two meals a day at 1300ish and 1900ish.

I tend to go pretty much nil-by mouth after 2000hrs to allow food to digest and to allow my body to 'excrete' prior to sleep (late drinking and eating can result in late night pit-stops).

Now you know what is 'out' the next post will show what is 'in'

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