Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Blood Pressure Ranges

Well, I finally managed to find some graphic which illustrates BP ranges.  I can't remember the address of the website I nicked them from so apologies (and if you find your corporate image on this site, let me know and I will give due credit).

I definitely fall on occasion in to 'borderline' but also tick 'normal' (usually during the morning and evening).  My BP is DYNAMIC - which at 189cm and with an active lifestyle, I would expect to some extent.  Could I my 'borderline' readings be latency in BP adapting to changes in things like stance/posture, hormonal (cortisol) and activity level?

Normal Blood Pressure Range

Borderline Hypertensive

As my numbers are seldom sustained in the borderline state, I do wonder at my diagnosis.  Needless to say I don't get too stressed by a single 'dimension' on my health.  I've focused on controlling inputs rather than the more elusive 'outputs', and continue to subscribe to Devany's Fifth Law:
  • We should recognize the limits of knowledge and just get on the path that favours better outcomes.
In summary, there are a few things I've done which I believe have influenced my much-improved numbers but lower BP has not been an objective in itself.  I will try to pull a post together giving more detail.

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