Monday, 11 August 2008

Stepped Negatives Routine

The sets are reps structure is an old favourite of mine that I first came across in the late 1990s. It has since been popularised by HG fitness guru Arthur DeVany, who gave me the idea of including emphasis on the negative phase of each rep. DeVany advocates the building up of lactic acid with this weight and rep scheme - something you'll feel for sure - but not to failure.

There is only a brief rest between each of the sets (less than 10 seconds), as 'transition time' to change weights or position. The exercises should be preformed in groups (as indicated by the line spacing below), in the form of mini circuits. The splits and cuts are optional - be aware that these are strength exercises as well! With exercises like the planche or body-lever, try breaking it in to 3x20s chunks. Where appropriate, perform each set as a cluster set - working the left arm, then the right in turn.

There are two routines to perform, A and B. The idea is to integrate them in to a five-day split routine (Mon, Wed Fri). I actually perform these only once each a week as I have a climbing routine (involving explicit finger training), and train in Lau Gar (involving press ups, explicit core work, aerobic and anaerobic fitness), that I complete in parallel to this routine each week.

Feel free to add some press up style movement or some dips (ideally a few sets of muscle ups), to supplement this routine.

Shuttle Sprints (5,4,3,2,1) - Tennis Court Length. Concentrate on acceleration and touch the baseline with your hand at each turnaround!
Splits (3x1min) - To be done in between the sprint sets above

Dumbell Split Jerk (16-8-4) - Stop each set short of failure.

Body Lever (1min Total - 3x20 seconds)
Cuts (3x2min) - Done in the rest from the sets of body levers. Hold 1 minute each way.

Chins/Pull-Ups/One Arm Lowers (16-8-4)

Planche (1min Total - 3x20 Seconds)

Four Way Sprints (10 Strides Each Cardinal Direction)

Deadlifts (16-8-4)

One Arm Dumbell/Ring Rows (16-8-4)

Body Lever (1min Total - 3x20 Seconds)
Cuts (3x1min)Cuts (3x1min)

Planche (1min Total - 3x20 Seconds)
Splits (3x1min)

Back Limber/Wall Walks (4x4)

I have specific goals at the moment to improve my leg flexibility and achieve a quality planche and body lever. This is a good routine for shoulder and back strength. It also has a pinch of athletic quickness thrown in for good measure.

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