Monday, 11 August 2008

Science: Sitting Behind the Knowledge Curve and Loving It!

The BBC today carried a story detailing how "researchers may have found a way to halt the biological clock which slows down our bodies over the decades." Specifically the researchers think they "may have found the genetic levers to help boost a system vital to cleaning up faulty proteins within our cells."

Now do not claim any psychic, supernatural or other-worldly powers, but I was struck by a sense of deja-vu when I read this story. Over a year ago Dr Eades posted about this exact same topic - the conclusion of which was to stray into - and indeed stay in, ketosis!

Methuselah has been blogging recently about the relationship between science and health, and offers an interesting perspective. We have a fairly frequent exchange of ideas and one theme that repeatedly crops up is how science sits far back on the knowledge curve. I have no problem with 'science' making steady progress - an inch is better than a mile in the wrong direction - but a few things seem to crop up again and again:

  1. Currently knowledge on nutrition is built upon a shaky foundation - such that progress in nutritional research is being crippled by bias;
  2. As the story above highlights, 'Science' is trying to 'bottle and pill' that which is functionally part of the highly evolved and sophisticated machinery that is the human body - most people just don't know they have such 'functionality'. The capacity for this to happen is provided by the fact that such wonderful functionality is often impaired or dormant in the human body due to lifestyle and particularly nutritional factors;
  3. Issue (2) is of direct consequence to issue (1).
  4. Issue (1) is not going to go away any time soon.

So, when I read the BBC's story, it actually smacked of being rather old news. Rather than waiting for science to catch-up, my Paleo lifestyle would also seem to be providing me with much of what 'science' hopes to give me at some time in the future.

Keep up!

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