Tuesday, 5 August 2008


I just got my results.

Serum Cholesterol: 4.8
Trigliceride: 0.5
Conclusion: Normal - No further action.

So after two years of Paleo eating, of which I have been targeting high fat - from nuts and seeds, saturated animal fat from red meat, eggs, liver, chicken (including the collection of chicken fat for subsequent frying and for use as a stock in soup), 12 eggs (per week), and the eating of bacon, my cholesterol is classified as "normal".


Methuselah said...

Well done - did your physician know about your diet and offer any views on what might have seemed like an unexpected result from his/her perspective?

Pay Now Live Later

Asclepius said...

My doctor gave me a 'you look healthy, what hell are you doing here' kind of look.

The only other time I have seen one of these looks is when I first went to him for a cholesterol test!

During that visit, I told him of my diet and exercise philosophy - to which he added an observation that "lions don't run marathons and they are lean and healthy". So, I figured that he was reasonably open minded about the broader Paleo philosophy.

On some forums I still get the 'what about your cholesterol' response to my diet. Thus, I am keen to air these results.