Friday, 1 August 2008

Cholesterol Update

In a typical week I will eat a whole (free-range) chicken, saving the juices and using the fat for frying and the rest of the juice as a stock for soup. I also put away two large steaks (grass fed beef), a pack of lamb’s liver, a pack of bacon, up to 12 eggs, about 10 tins of tuna/sardines/mackerel. In addition I will eat a mix of brazil, pecan, walnut and almond nuts most days (this actually forms a ‘meal’ along with some fruit).

Each meal of meat is accompanied by some veggies - broccoli, cauliflower, carrots etc.. and the fish is usually eaten with a salad (seasonal). I moderate fruit consumption.

What I want to emphasise here is the meat content of my diet (including the chicken juices) and the absence of bread, rice, pasta, cereal, grains and potatoes. After a year of eating this way I went for a cholesterol test (judged against the Framingham template), the results of which the doctor described as "excellent".

I know that dietary cholesterol is of little significance to your serum cholesterol levels, but I went for another test today as it is now about two years since my adoption of a Paleo diet. I get the results in a day or two and will post them on here. I am confident that the Paleo diet will have served me well.


Methuselah said...

Hey, what have you got against Hazelnuts? It's one of the few that's actually native to this country. I can't get enough of them!

Asclepius said...

Good call! Indeed, hazelnuts are occasionally consumed by Natural Messiah - and coconut (technically a seed).