Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Warming Back Up

I have done NO workout since before Christmas.  My abs are marginally visible and I feel a tad out of shape despite washing extensively with Howard Obesity Ointment*.

It is now mid January and I hope the New Year Resolutionists have given up so the gym will be somewhat emptier.  After four weeks or so off, I will start off with some light deadlifting, working on technique.  I won't ramp up to a full program until the start of February.

I was reviewing my progress last year and given my other activites, I feel I need to make more room in my diary.  To this end I am going to hit a 10-day cycle - thus I will have three workouts A, B and C, and will workout out every Monday and Friday, rotating through A, B and C on each subsequent workout.  This means I will be in the gym only twice a week.  I still aim to follow an RPT program.

With the extra recovery time I hope to pursue my martial arts with a little more intent, without detriment to my recovery.

*Joke.  I just use regular soap.

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FeelGoodEating said...

Sounds sensible...

gym here is so packed and the other day I almost caused a stink as this idiot was balancing on 2 dumb bells holding a large wight bar doing some type of squat movement. GRRRRRRR!

I'm getting back in to my martial art too and loving it.