Tuesday, 10 June 2014

What's the Story?

The HuffPo ask Are All Calories Created Equal? It isn't a bad article and covers the more nuanced ideas behind obesity that you'll have read around these here parts for the past seven years:

- A calorie is a calorie (ACIAC).
- We are not bomb calorimeters.
- A physicist would correctly state calories in vs calories out (CICO) as fundamental to an increase in the mass of the human body. But obesity is a problem of biology, not of maths.
- CICO contains no causal information, it just restates the problem.

Still not convinced? Consider this; we could get two people (unknown to one another and with no contact), to each write a story in any genre they wish - the only constraint being that they use the same number of letters and the story is in English.

The physicist or mathematician could state that the number of letters in each story were identical.

What are the chances these two stories are the same? 

A letter is a letter. A word is a word. English is English (notwithstanding dialects and patois). Grammar is grammar.  All these statements are true, but this tells us little about the subject of each story.

It's about time this nuance in the story of obesity became mainstream.

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