Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Antibiotic Winter

A great article on 'Why antibiotics are making us all ill'.

What caught my eye was that finally scientists are looking at many modern ailments as different manifestations of the same underlying cause:

"Why are all of these maladies rapidly rising at the same time across the developed world and spilling over into the developing world as it becomes more westernised? Can it be a mere coincidence? If there are 10 of these modern plagues, are there 10 separate causes? That seems unlikely.

Or could there be one underlying cause fuelling all these parallel increases? A single cause is easier to grasp; it is simpler, more parsimonious. But what cause could be grand enough to encompass asthma, obesity, oesophageal reflux, juvenile diabetes, and allergies to specific foods, among all of the others? Eating too many calories could explain obesity, but not asthma – in which many of the ill children are slim. Air pollution could explain asthma but not food allergy."

A thoughtful read.

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