Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Biodiversity: Ecological Security and Food Security

Industrial agriculture is destroying our source of food - something discussed on BBC Radio 4's Shared Planet. One of the contributers makes the case that biodiversity produces more nutritional output than industrial agriculture (which is usually monocultural):
  • "Agricultural Crops and Wildlife Duration: 28 minutes First broadcast: Tuesday 03 September 2013 Monty Don presents Shared Planet, the series that looks at the crunch point between human population and the natural world. In this week's programme we have a field report from England with Simon Potts, Professor of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services at Reading University. Simon Potts's research looks specifically at how effective bees and other pollinators are and their abundance in agricultural landscapes - a crucial link in food security. Monty Don explores some of the issues with Vandana Shiva in Delhi, a board member of the International Forum on Globalisation and an author of over 20 books about biodiversity, food and economies."

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