Friday, 22 January 2016

Hypertensive No More!

Back in 2013 a chance encounter with a sphygmomanometer led to me discovering I was hypertensive.

Today I went to the doctors today to get checked out once again.  He took my blood pressure - getting a reading of 130/80 (this reading was taken immediately after sitting down and with holding my arm in the air for the reading, all of which can elevate readings).

The doctor then looked at the last reading from this time last year (it was similarly), at which point I interjected that I usually take three BP readings myself in the evening, a couple of times a week, and in most cases they were always around 120/70 and sometimes as low as 108/60.

He glanced once more from me to my records and back again and announced that he was going to 'deactivate the hypertension notification' on my records - so I am officially no longer hypertensive!  Such a relief!

I know I haven't been hypertensive since a month our two after my original diagnosis (mid 2013), but getting an official all-clear was important (and unexpected).  Once you get over 40 a diagnosis and prescription for medication can be a one way ticket!

If you want to know how I believe* I did it then click here - although it is worth reading the whole story (click on the 'hypertension' tag) - but essentially by cutting back on kickboxing, coffee and cold showers I reduced the stress points in my day which improved my sleep quality.  (I still wake up a couple of  times a night, but always feel rested in the morning - when I sleep, I go deep.) 

Remember though that I did not follow medical advice and I am not a doctor, nor medically qualified.  On the strength of that alone, how dumb would you have to be to follow my approach?  My blog does not confer advice, it is just a record of what I did.  It may give you some ideas to discuss with your doctor, but you should work together in accordance with his or her advice.

Man, I didn't just blow off my doctor's advice, but also that of specialist.  What kind of idiot am I.  Jeez.  ;)

In the past year my coffee has ramped back up to two cups a day - but no longer in the evening (and I never drink instant stuff).  For well over a year my training activities have again involved a couple of evening sessions of martial arts and climbing so things really are back to normal - if you can call a guy in his mid-40s doing handstands, gymnastics, kicks, flips, climbing and wild swimming normal. 

Hypertension.  Cured.  Boom.

*This was n=1, anecdotal, not controlled.

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