Thursday, 22 January 2015

Want to Stay Slim?

....then eat fat!  This film by Britsh Pathe is from 1958.  In response to this being a new theory, Dr McArless (?) responds,
  • "Yes, it's new now, today, but it wasn't new in history.  In the days when we had no agriculture and there was no starch in our food, no potatoes, no bread, no cereals, everybody had to live by hunting on meat and fat and in those days, I believe, that they were all slim.  Now if we stop eating these new foods, so called, then we will get our weight down back to normal....stop eating starch and sugar.  Eat everything else, as much as he likes, and he will get slim but it will not make him more slim than he should be."
At 3'20" fasting even makes an appearance!

Whatever your diet dogma, this will make you think.  Now let me go place an order for some 'Slimmo'!

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