Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Dubious War on Saturated Fat

The paleospere can pat itself on the back for a job well done in bringing real food back in to fashion - and specifically for yhe rehabilitation of saturated fat, the prodigal son of nutrition.

This WSJ article suggests a victory of sorts is close,

"Saturated fat does not cause heart disease"—or so concluded a big study published in March in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. How could this be? The very cornerstone of dietary advice for generations has been that the saturated fats in butter, cheese and red meat should be avoided because they clog our arteries. For many diet-conscious Americans, it is simply second nature to opt for chicken over sirloin, canola oil over butter.

The new study's conclusion shouldn't surprise anyone familiar with modern nutritional science, however. The fact is, there has never been solid evidence for the idea that these fats cause disease. We only believe this to be the case because nutrition policy has been derailed over the past half-century by a mixture of personal ambition, bad science, politics and bias."

I hope Paleo doesn't blow it by demonising another macronutrient!  :)


FeelGoodEating said...

it's going mainstream for sure..
WSJ not as mainstream of course... but Dr. OZ sure is :-)

freetheanmial.com for latest post on it where Oz sat down with Peter Attia


Asclepius said...

Cheers for the link Marc. I will make sure to check the FTA out!