Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Godless Buses are more Dangerous

This story caught my eye recently. Buses are to carry atheistic slogans. On the face of it, this is fine, but it may come with a heavy price.

The Vatican notes that "one of the roots of many problems relating to traffic is spiritual". They go on to comment that "for believers, a solution to these problems may be found in a vision of faith, in the relationship with God, and in a generous option in favour of life, which is also borne out by behaviour that respects the lives of others, and the rules established to protect them, on the road." (You can read the full document here).

Researchers at the Vatican have already correlated a lack of faith and the dangers of travel in a double-blind randomised control trial, noting in conclusion that the repeated unfaithfulness of the Israelites to the Covenant "lead to a far more distressing journey".

Such distress can be avoided by all of us by no forgetting "the importance of the sign of the cross, [which is] to be made before setting out on a journey."

Now this may sound absurd to some but "with this sign we put ourselves directly under the protection of the Holy Trinity."

Science at its best. God bless 'em.


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