Monday, 14 July 2008

Flow and Uncertainity

Nassim Taleb is definitely a 'thinker of the moment'. He has offered a great point about success breeding stress, because the successful need to be organised and organisation demands a schedule. Schedules demand a timetable and agenda - which is a source of mini-deadlines and their attendent stress as we seek to fulfill the schedule on time.

This is a concept I alluded to in my post on flow. There are important things and unimportant things. The difficulty is knowing the difference. But, you will NEVER address all of the things, whether important of unimportant.

Agenda and timetables comprise task/work events. They are a useful way of arranging a bus service or airline flight schedule, but for us humans, they can become obstacles. Time will wash you past that obstacle, whether you like it or not; whether you met that task or not.

Are you going to let this affect you? It probably will as any agenda item that was important enough for you to document will have a degree of criticality. My solution? Don't put the obstacles there in the first place. Chose the obstacles you wish to tackle carefully. Understand the limitations of what you can control, embrace the unpredictable, learn from the feedback and 'go with it'.

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